ICETrikes pulls out all the stops…

In mid April InnerTuba arrived by van at Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE)  HQ in Falmouth,  SW Cornwall,  excited at the prospect of our working together to turn this:

…. the 15 year old Trice Mini “TubaTrike” and Steve Foster’s  newly (2016) completed “TubaTrailer” (which I pedalled from John O’ Groats to Land’s End then onto ICETrikes last year)  …. Into (Drumroll)  this:…..

(Cymbal Crash !) ….the latest in Inspired Cycle Engineered technology, in the form of their ICE Adventure HD touring trike, which now pulls an aesthetically and  functionally modified trailer. The ICE workforce spent 2 full weeks building the trike, and designing the trailer makeover.  I cannot put into adequate words how grateful I am to the entire, multi talented team at  … Time to tour very soon methinks !