Bike Repairs Lancaster

Based in Lancaster, NW England, Colin Stones of Bike Repairs Lancaster has 30+ years experience as a cycle mechanic.  He has been a friendly, reliable, practical supporter of InnerTuba for at least a decade.

Over the years he has built countless wheels into different hub/rim combinations. He has serviced, replaced, advised on, fettled and “found in a box somewhere” endless parts.  Since the 2012 relaunch of InnerTuba, Colin has also stored masses of belongings for me while I was househunting.  Always upbeat, Colin is there for a brew and a blether (conversation, international readers !) between jobs too.

If this isn’t enough, for InnerTuba, Colin has honed his skills as a welder and fabricator,  making several bespoke parts, including a complete prototype trailer frame.   Pictured below is his hand made trailer hitch and rear pannier carrier combined.  It is strong, it is precisely measured and built, and  it has worked over many miles atop the TubaTrike … and it’s the only one in the world !


Many, many thank you’s to Colin for the hours and hours he spends in support of InnerTuba….