For Children in Schools

InnerTuba has a good deal of experience in performing for children, in their schools.


School presentations are typically pitched at Nursery,  5 – 8,  8 – 13 years groups. InnerTuba has fine tuned presentations with teachers’ core “reason for being” in mind; that their pupils learn – and enjoy learning.  Pupils and teachers are encouraged to listen, participate and ask questions. It is, time and again the range of questions posed which suggests that the learning process is highly active, in the moment.

Much of an InnerTuba visit is devoted to Music and Cycling. No surprise there – I am principally an experienced tuba player and cyclist…..



Other  subjects are addressed by association with those 2 themes.  The InnerTuba journey brings real life meaning to:

Maths, English, History, Geography, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Weather Patterns, Renewable Energy, Computing, IT and Social Media Skills, Engineering Design and Construction, Cycling and Walking Road Safety, Project Planning, Citizenship and more…  all these can build to those immeasurable, inspirational “I wanna do that!” moments.

InnerTuba school visits tends to work best with a whole day spent at a school, spending around 90 minutes to 2 hours each – including breaks, and weather permitting, an outdoor TubaTrike “in action” session – with younger and older children. Having said that, because every school is different,  contacting InnerTuba to discuss specific needs is recommended before booking.


Alan Swain, Bass Trombonist with Welsh National Opera joined InnerTuba for a series of schools presentations in Gloucestershire, SW England in June 2016
Alan Swain, Bass Trombonist with Welsh National Opera joined InnerTuba for a series of schools presentations in Gloucestershire, SW England in June 2016

“I had a huge smile on my face as I witnessed Jon bring his music and the story of the tricycle to many schools in our area. He instinctively knows how to pitch each session exactly for the age group involved. With genuine enthusiasm, sometimes challenging, often amusing but always tremendously interesting and thrillingly inspiring Jon delivers a music workshop as the very best of practitioners”.   Alan Swain – see inset photo.

“The feedback from pupils and staff has been really positive. First and foremost the children enjoyed the sessions and it made them think. I personally liked the inspirational message about making a life out of something you really enjoy. It was a session that contained lots of aspects that can be developed by the teachers. You also pitched it well for the ages and stages you were delivering to.  Thanks again and best wishes for your travels.”  Sandra Dean. Acting Deputy Head, Lhanbryde Primary school,  Moray, Scotland. June 2015

“Dear Jon,

We are writing to you to say thank you for your visit to East End School. 

P5/6 Children from East End Primary School, Elgin, 2015
P5/6 Children from East End Primary School, Elgin, 2015

Our names are Rhys, Ross, Lauren, Hannah and Alyssa.  We really enjoyed it when you made sounds out of the hose.  Thank you for coming and sharing your story with us.

We wish you good luck on your journey and hope the weather improves for you. We also hope you don’t have too many hills to tackle.

Yours sincerely,

Rhys, Ross, Alyssa, Lauren and Hannah” 

“A big thank you to Jon the ‘Tuba Man’ for bringing such a unique and fun experience to our children and staff, we can’t wait to have you back again in the near future!” Warwick Preparatory School, January 2015.

“….we’re going to be working with Jon and supporting him as he plans his future adventure in which he aims to cycle across Canada!” St Peter’s Primary School, Heysham, NW England.  February 2015

“He engaged well with the children and held their interest for the entire morning. He was polite and friendly and understood the way a school works. It was suitable and enjoyed by all our children from Reception to year 6 and they were all able to get something out of the morning”. School feedback via Isle of Man Arts Council, 2014.