For Cyclists

Over thousands of miles of UK touring, InnerTuba has met many cyclists – mostly as they slow down for a chat !  We come in many shapes and sizes, as do the machines we ride, and the reasons we ride them.


InnerTuba Shows for cyclists will typically take place where cyclists gather.  My suggestions include festivals of cycling,  cyclists’ cafes and club houses, and perhaps as a family entertainment during a big bike event – there are many of them, such is the growing popularity of cycling.

Shows for cyclists will typically last about an hour, and will lean heavily toward those things which make us cyclists tick, and which we love to talk about….

  • Why a recumbent trike? Why a trailer ? And why do it at all ? Getting fitter for InnerTuba touring
  • the engineering behind the InnerTuba Trike and Trailer – from early trials to recent successes.
  • Insights into towing big loads over long distances – preparing and doing.
  • Keeping all the gizmos going – the InnerTuba renewable energy systems, old and new.
  • Touring Kit – What I carry, and what I sometimes wish I could leave behind..
  • Some great stories of life on the road, touring through Britain.

I will of course share my love of music, by playing a varied programme of pieces dotted through the show. You may even be inspired to dust down that trombone you haven’t played for years, before cycling off to play in a concert  – something else you haven’t done for a while…..

Icetrike detail

Here’s InnerTuba enjoying a union with cyclists whose goals are very different from mine……


These are members of the Racing Chance Foundation, a charity whose aims are “To provide training opportunities for all levels of women from novice to elite”.  It’s all about preparing for competitive  racing for these women.  We had a great time sharing our differences !