Way back in the year 2000, I hatched the idea of combining my three passions   – cycling, travelling and playing my tuba – to create a cycle touring musical show.  With support from  an Arts Council of England  “2000 –  Year of the Artist” award, InnerTuba was born.  That year, over 20 days,  I pedalled nearly 1,200 miles criss crossing England’s East Midlands Region, where I delivered 42 shows.  This was the very first publicity shot that was taken for the very first website:

In the beginning. . . InnerTuba back in 2000.

My presentations in 2000 proved a winning combination and earned positive feedback from audiences –  and extensive interest from the Press, radio and regional TV.    I even played live on the UK’s national news once.   I should really see if the BBC still has the piece archived – They shot me pedalling over Tower Bridge in London, then playing a tuba piece to camera.

Over the next 9 years I pedalled/peddled my shows for thousands of miles, performing them to a wide variety of young and not so young audiences.  I played in school halls, community centres, nursing homes, church halls, scout huts, and a theatre or 2 throughout England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The  easiest way of getting a quick overview of the early years is to watch the first couple of minutes of  The Inner Tuba Story,  which you’ll find on The Videos page.

The best way of  learning more thoroughly about the early years  is to read a Velovision Magazine article which I wrote back in 2007.  open this PDF file to read it…

After a break of around 3 years I decided, in 2012, to put the show back on the road.  My decision to relaunch InnerTuba was, and will remain, A tribute.

The pages of this site are now mostly related to developments that have taken place since the 2012 relaunch.  Much has happened in the time, and InnerTuba continues to make history… Read on !