Martin Ryves – Composer and Arranger

The saxophonist, composer and arranger Martin Ryves has especially composed 3 pieces for solo tuba and small ensemble.

The pieces, entitled “Tuba Cubana”, “The Hodkin Carol” and “The Jazz Touretter” aim to give the opportunity for schoolchildren to accompany InnerTuba using small hand held tuned percussion instruments such as chimebars to provide the harmonies.

These additions to InnerTuba’s repertoire will add greatly to the interactive qualities of forthcoming InnerTuba performances. Thank you Martin!

I have known Martin for about 30 years and he recently wrote this about himself:


  • In Education for over 30 years.
  • Saxophonist, composer and arranger.
  • Original music composed for various school productions over many years, for various sized groups.
  • Transcriptions of mainly saxophone solos for use on relevant websites.
  • Adapted and arranged songs from various musical shows for a musical society in Coventry.
  • Arrangements of original tunes and jazz standards for various sized groups.
  • Transcriptions of arrangements by Freddie Hubbard, Oliver Nelson and Jaco Pastorius.
  • Score and parts preparation, plus some keyboard work, for albums by drummer Steve Clarke involving musicians including Randy Brecker, Larry Coryell, Chris Lawrence, Joey DeFrancesco, and Nigel Kennedy.