The Trike

currently a place for notes for Andy and Jon…..
Before going live:
A)  Move images folder ( ie entire Media library including audio files, PDF’s etc) to new server AND merge it with media library on site. here is now stuff on side which isn’t on side if that makes sense !!
After going live, as and when time  allows…..
Paypal link
1. Header Artwork.
2. The small print stuff about privacycookie and disclaimer policies. We have a page for each of these – do we need all that with small links to it Andy ?
3. Footer  – remove wordpress theme and put copyright  ? See 2 above – put those links there, very small too ?
4. Google analytics – transfer.
5. …. is it possible to set this (Or any  other image)
The Hair - raising Tales of a Triking Tubadour.......
The Hair – raising Tales of a Triking Tubadour…….

as featured image to be seen above the posts, permanently at the top of the page ?

6. POSTS –
– Is it technically possible to have featured image set in the post listings on the latest news page, without that image setting itself at the top of the post itself, when the post is opened ?
  – On the latest news Page, at the top of each post link is the date, InnerTuba then a comments logo with a 0 next to it.  Can that comments logo and number be removed as a bulk action please ?
– The most recently written Latest news post  on the side isn’t showing on the side – it’s titled “Engineering a future – in Brass”.  Can that one migrate across too please ?
7. Social media – I like the heading thanks.  Facebook – the link works !
Link to innertuba google + account
8. Change links colour to something contrasting to blue text.
9. Slider on homepage – BRILLIANT – how do I add / remove photos ?
 Go Live !
Then –
more photos and quotes to performers page ongoing.
Continue technical pages.
history – go through paperwork in van – for new scans of old documents.
wind bands – get quotes from John Whyte  and Rob Farmer.