With Brass Bands

Amateur (and very near professional) Brass Bands can be found everywhere in the UK, and many other parts of the world. It’s great for InnerTuba to rehearse and perform with them, while on tour…. Here’s what we can do together:

Pedal to and meet at the rehearsal room. Give an introductory presentation about InnerTuba, playing some solo repertoire. I can lead some fun exercises to remind players of the key ingredients necessary for successful ensemble playing. This is particularly helpful for less experienced adult and junior bands, such as Leadhills Silver Band in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. We had a great time together in May 2016:


For more experienced bands let’s get stuck in to rehearsing and playing InnerTuba’s new repertoire…. How about working on this, Franner Otter’s large work, which she completed in late 2014 ?…Franner Otter 'Tuba Odyssey' outline

…Or John Iveson’s superb arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s “A case of You”, dedicated by John to InnerTuba, and first performed by Flookburgh Band in September 2014. Visit Videos to watch and listen to a recording of it.

“Jon of InnerTuba’s visit to Wotton Silver Band is something that we’ll remember for years to come.  It was a privilege to be only the third band ever to play his commission, Franner Otter’s Tuba Odyssey, which beautifully tells his inspirational story of what music and cycling have brought to his life.  Arriving on his special tuba trike and trailer certainly turned a few heads too – and made us pause think how fortunate we are that our paths have crossed for this week of music making.  We wish you all the best for the future – your cycling, music making and ambitious combinations of the two which will bring joy to many and help to inspire the next generation of musicians that we need to maintain and grow our brass band movement for years to come”.  Bruce Davies, Principal Cornet and Chairman, Wotton Silver Band. 2016

With Pentland- Mainland Britain's Northern most Brass Band, 2015
With Pentland- Mainland Britain’s Northern most Brass Band, 2015

“Jon cycled InnerTuba through the wind and rain to visit the highest silver band in Scotland – Leadhills Silver Band. We are a community band based in the Southern Uplands and welcome anyone who wants to play. Leadhills has a long history of brass playing but the band was reformed just over 5 years ago and we are still finding our way. We have a members aged 4 to 64+ and playing together is great fun. 

Our ensemble of more proficient players spent a very enjoyable evening in the pub playing pieces old and new. We had a rendition of “Tuba Smarties” with 2 tubas that was very special. 

On the Monday our mini band members sat open mouthed as Jon rode his trike around (inside) our small village hall and regaled them with stories. As well as performing some solo pieces,  he had them playing all sorts of plumbing and the conch shell was a great hit. A couple of members who had been saying they would give up coming were so inspired by Jon that they have continued to come to mini band. 

with "Pendeen", Mainland Britain's SouthWesternmost Brass Band, 2016
with “Pendeen”, Mainland Britain’s SouthWesternmost Brass Band, 2016

Later that evening Jon helped out at band practice and his humour and insight was very welcome as was his encouragement on our performance in the non competitive class at the Scottish Championships. Our 11 year old bass player was particularly chuffed that he mentioned her performance. 

We really enjoyed meeting and making music with such a flexible and enthusiastic musician and would highly recommend him to bands, community groups and schools. Don’t miss out!”  Teresa Brasier, Musical Director, Leadhills Silver Band. 2016

“Very informative talk given to experienced brass players. Jon was friendly and delivered the workshop with great enthusiasm. He encouraged audience participation.

Jon contacted me prior to the event to gain information about the intended audience. Knowing that he was delivering his show to a group who already knew the basics, Jon tailored the show to suit the audience, describing the different qualities needed to succeed as a musician and providing advice on playing technique to those who were just starting out. The event was suited to the audience and was based upon the information provided during an earlier telephone conversation. An excellent show”.  Matthew Callister. Rushen Silver Band, Isle of Man 2014.