For People with Additional Needs

Firstly, it should be said that people of all abilities and backgrounds are welcome to attend all public InnerTuba presentations.


For the purposes of InnerTuba,  “Additional Needs” – and the people who have them – are defined as follows:

An “Additional Needs” InnerTuba presentation/workshop will take place at a venue which exists to provide a service for people with specific, identified needs. Typically those needs will be met by specialist paid staff and volunteers who are engaged to support them.

InnerTuba has shows ready for, and is particularly keen to engage with:

  • Children and young people in Children’s Hospices.
  • Children in Special Education, and special after school facilities.
  • Adults with learning disabilities.
  • Older people in day care, residential and rehabilitation units, attached to hospitals.
  • People receiving support because they find themselves experiencing mental health problems, and are perhaps homeless – at hostels, day care and “drop in” facilities.
Older people in Elgin, Moray, 2015
Older people in Elgin, Moray, 2015

“We very much valued having Innertuba come to visit us on Thursday the 4th of June 2015. We are lucky enough to welcome various entertainers and speakers to Anderson’s Care Home but we haven’t ever had a Travelling Tubadour arriving in style on a recumbent bicycle! It was a wonderful opportunity for our residents and relatives to meet you and learn about your travels and adventures. There were looks of both admiration and astonishment on the faces of our audience members and the hands on music making from unusual objects went down particularly well. Who knew that such amazing sounds could come out of a garden hose?

Many of our residents have dementia, limited eyesight and are hard of hearing and only a handful are able bodied but I believe the majority were engaged with your performance and most certainly impressed with your Tuba playing. The music sounded fantastic especially in the unique acoustics of the room. Anderson’s is a busy place that is on the go in one form or another twenty-four hours a day and won’t have been the sort of environment or audience you are used to playing to. I know there were various interruptions, be it from the telephone, people walking through the performance space, or heckling and little demonstration of enjoyment but you certainly did bring joy on that Thursday morning and stimulation for the residents. Your act provided a really different sort of experience for our residents, It was great to see the participation from some of our resident’s relatives too as we try to encourage friends and relatives to join us for any special event.

Thank you so much for diverting your journey through the schools of Moray to come and visit us here at Anderson’s. We really appreciate it! Emily Hoskins. Activities Co – ordinator, Andersons Care Home, Elgin, Scotland 2015

“The boys that were inside your tuba…… count the legs… yes there is a head totally missing…. were obviously intrigued by the sound and the vibrations. Working with our smaller group I am sure was much more beneficial for the children. They all got time to experience the different sounds and vibrations.. a unique experience for them.  Thank you so much…..  


….The children really enjoyed your visit and it was lovely to see their reactions.  If you are in the area again please let us know as a repeat visit would be lovely”.  Margaret Sharp, The Green Area (Special needs Unit), Greenwood Primary School, Elgin, Scotland. June 2015

“Excellent speaker, entertaining and informative. Perfect for the two groups that attended. There were service users and a group from Age Isle of Man. We would be happy to have him back at any time in the future”. Via Isle of Man Arts Council 2014. (Day centre for adults with Learning disabilities combined with a group of older people).