began its work in Caithness, in the Far North of Scotland In 2012.  It is the brainchild of 2 exceptional musicians, composer Katrina Gordon and conductor Susie Dingle.  What they once dreamed of, they now achieve – they create opportunities for ordinary people to learn and play lots of music together.  Put that way, it sounds simple enough…. but their successes are only realised, week in week out, by their commitment, multi talents, and huge dollops of hard graft.

The Caithness Junior Orchestra - just one of many ensembles from the stable.
The Caithness Junior Orchestra – just one of many ensembles from the stable.

I urge you to visit and read in full the homepage “A fairytale beginning”.

Innertuba’s association with began in late  2013.  Out of the blue, I received an email from composer Katrina.  After introducing herself , she wrote:

“I think what you’re doing is amazing! Sorry I don’t have loads of money to give you, but to contribute a little bit I’ve just made one of my pieces available free so that you can have it  to play if you like, when you’re on your tour”…..

And here it is.  A True Fantasy – for solo tuba and piano

Since then the InnerTuba HQ, TubaTowers has relocated to Caithness, and many  ideas around the development of InnerTuba flow back and forth between me, Susie and Katrina.  One of these led to Katrina’s generous investment of time arranging her piece for wind band.

And here it is:   A True Fantasy – for solo tuba and wind band

InnerTuba and are working on further exciting musical collaborations. Their encouragement of and guidance to InnerTuba is hugely valuable.  Thank you !