Morecambe Brass Band

Moerecambe Brass Band Association

Whenever I’m in NW England – which is very often just now – I practise and perform with Morecambe Brass Band. Yes, I have returned following an absence of some 20 years – and what a wonderful heartwarming welcome I have been given!

In the intervening years its clear that the band has come on in leaps and bounds because of the dedication, and the ‘we are in it for the long haul’ approach, of its members. Their commitment has paid off – Morecambe Brass Band’s musical excellence has been formally recognised as, for the first time in their 125 year history, they will attain UK Championship Section status in 2015. Bravo!

Morecambe Brass Band

It is such a privilege for me to join their tuba talents, sharing the ‘E flat bass’ parts. It’s even more gratifying to know that the band is fully behind the overall aims of InnerTuba. I will try to be their ambassador, worldwide, however sweaty the climb!

With many thanks for: –

  • Practise practise practise – thanks for 24/7 access to your super, sound proofed rehearsal rooms. I’m often in there for hours!
  • The loan of sheet-music and other equipment (the gig bag is fab!)
  • Programming new compositions dedicated to InnerTuba into your concerts.
  • Granting me the invaluable opportunity to solo with Championship class accompaniment.

InnerTuba could not wish, nor ask, for more – thank you, Morecambe Brass Band Association.