Tuba Sounds

You are in the right place for examples of  InnerTuba’s recorded music.  For archived radio broadcasts please go to the  Press and Media page.  And so to the music……

Willie's scores

Willie Gilmour and I recorded all these between  5th  – 8th September 2016.  Enjoy best through headphones or hifi speakers for reasonable bass responses:

“Suite for Solo Tuba and Piano” by Willie Gilmour (2004), here played by Jon Hodkin with synthesised string accompaniment.  In 4 movements:

1. Overando

2. Allegrando

3. Adagiatta

4. Fugue

“So Long” for solo tuba and piano by Willie Gilmour (2016).  Jon Hodkin, tuba, Willie Gilmour, piano.

 Recording "So Long" 8th September 2016