Willie Gilmour – Composer

Willie Gilmour is a fine pianist, composer and recording engineer.  He has vast experience in all genres of musical performance. During the 70’s and 80’s he carved a career as a successful Prog Rock keyboard player with bands including The Enid and Craft.  He then went on to become a much respected music teacher, first in the Shetland Islands, then, until retiring, in the Scottish Highlands. Now he continues to enjoy composing, alongside his work recording new music.

William Gilmour

As soon as Willie and I met, in 2015, he was keen to get involved, and freely offered his recording and composition skills.   Since then he has composed several new pieces for InnerTuba to perform, and  we have enjoyed hours of recording together in his Scottish Highlands home studio.

You can listen to the fruits of our recording sessions together here on the Tuba Sounds page.

Willie and I are keen to continue this rich, musical collaboration.  We have plans to create new works for solo tuba and mixed instrumental beginner ensembles, and we have  other repertoire to be recorded as soon as diaries allow.

Jon and Willie recording

Willie has also donated £500 to InnerTuba.  He wants the fact publicly recognised because he is keen that others follow suit so that InnerTuba can rapidly move from its development phase into routinely delivering  performances on major tours.